Our products

BK Steel & Profiles provides the following products:

1. Steel Products

BK Steel & Profiles supplies a broad range of steel products, including:

  • Carbon Steel Products

This includes forged carbon steel fittings, carbon butt-weld fittings, seamless carbon steel, high carbon steel and welded carbon steel to name a few. We also supply plates, pipes and angles, as well as flat, round and hollow bars.

  • Stainless Steel Products

This includes stainless steel screwed fittings, stainless steel butt-weld fittings, stainless steel level gauges, stainless steel cold rolled sheets or plates and stainless steel plate flanges to name a few.

  • Speciality Steel Products

This includes steel bright bars, available in a wide range of sizes, grades and shapes including round bright bars and hexagonal bright bars. We also supply copper and bronze products as required by the client.

  • Hardox®

Hardox® is a popular abrasion-resistant steel that boasts excellent structural properties, making them an excellent choice for structures that are subject to high impact.

  • Perforated Plates

Perforated plates are extremely versatile in their use and can help with weight reduction, radiation containment, heat dissipation and separation. BK Steel & Profiles supplies perforated plate panels in a variety of aperture sizes and thicknesses. We also supply overlay plates made with Chromium Carbide.

  • Tool Steel

Our high-quality tool steel is ideal for the manufacturing of tools. This carbon alloy steel boasts a distinctive hardness as well as a resistance to abrasion and deformation.

2. Shims

BK Steel & Profiles is a supplier of high quality maintenance and specialist shims, including stainless steel, brass and copper shim stock and shim washers. Shims can be inserted between different objects for a variety of uses including leveling, support, insulation or sealing. They are often used to fill spaces between machine parts that wear easily, helping to avoid costly replacements and lost production time.

  • Stainless Steel Shim Stock

Stainless Steel Shim is a thin material available in either 300mm or 600m rolls and sheet form. It is grade 304 and boasts excellent corrosion resistance. Stainless steel shims have various industrial uses including alignment, tool and die set-up, new machinery commissioning and machinery repair.

  • Brass Shim Stock

Brass Foil Shim Stock is a very thin material that contains 65% copper and 35% zinc. It is sold in roll and sheet form in a variety of widths, from 0.025mm to 1mm. Brass shims have a good combination of form-ability and work-ability and can be cut out or die stamped.

  • Copper Shim Stock

Copper Foil Shim Stock is a very thin material that can be die stamped, cut out, bored through or milled into specific shapes. It has a 99.9% copper purity, is corrosive resistant and highly conductive. Copper shims are available in roll and sheet form in a variety of widths, from 0.125mm to 0.5mm.


3. Engineering Consumables

BK Steel & Profiles supplies the following engineering consumables:

  • Welding Rods and Welding Wire

Our wide range of welding rods and welding wire will ensure clean, strong welds. This includes Submerged Arc Welding Rods, as well as CrC and HCrC welding wire. We also stock a selection of value-added welding supplies from renowned brands.

  • Tools 

We supply an extensive range of tools that find use in the building and engineering industries. This includes welding machines and welding protective gear such as welding gloves, welding helmets and pvc screens.

  • Rags and Mutton Cloth 

We supply versatile industrial rags and cloths including Mutton Cloth, which is used for general purpose cleaning in workshops.

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